Selecting unthemed HTML descendant elements using CSS :not()

In my recent work, I’ve been constructing a CSS framework that needs to support multiple themes: the ability to override many aspects of display formatting by applying a CSS class to a parent element, affecting all descendants. However, in order to make this work properly in actual practice, it’s may be desirable to apply default theming rules to even children without an ancestor theme-tagged element. (In my situation, this requirement applies because the mentioned CSS framework will be used to support microsites, which should be presented with a “good” look and feel even if the implementation of the site has been somewhat sloppy.)

The CSS :not() selector works well for this, as implemented in CSS3:

:not([class*=Theme]) * {
  // Sample selecting all unthemed elements, where themes are applied with *Theme class names on ancestors

This can easily, of course, be applied with different descendant selectors. Try the example.

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